3 John

Written for Jesus' Apostle John, possibly in Aramaic, sometime late in the 1st Century CE.

Chapter 1

1 The older man, to my beloved GaiUs, whom I truly love.

2 My loved one; I pray that youÕre doing well in everything, and that you continue in good health as the man within you prospers.

3 I was so happy when the brothers came and testified to the fact that youÕre continuing to walk in the truth. 4 For nothing brings me greater joy than hearing that my children keep on walking in the truth!

5 Loved one; YouÕre doing a faithful work by helping the brothersÉ and even those who are strangers, 6 for theyÕve testified about your love to the called ones. So it would be a fine thing if youÕd also send them off in a way that is worthy of The God, 7 because theyÕve been going to the gentiles in [His] name and they havenÕt asked anything from them. 8 As the result, weÕre obliged to welcome such ones hospitably, so we can be fellow workers for the truth.

9 I wrote something to the congregation, but DioTrephes (who likes to be the most prominent) refused to welcome us. 10 ThatÕs why, if I come there, I won't forget the way that he acted or any of the wicked rumors that he spread about us. For even these things werenÕt enough for him, because not only does he fail to welcome the brothers, but he also prevents the rest from doing soÉ even expelling them from the congregation!

11 Loved one; DonÕt imitate his bad ways, just do what is good. Because, those who do what's good come from God, but those who do whatÕs bad havenÕt seen God.

12 Why, everyone has testified about this matter to DeMetrius, so he knows the truth. And now weÕre warning you about thisÉ and you know that what weÕre saying is true.

13 I have many other things to write about, but I donÕt wish to write them with pen and paper. 14 I hope to see you soon, and then we can talk face to face.

May you have peace.

The friends send you their greetings. Give my greetings to the friends by name.

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