2 John

Written for Jesus' Apostle John, possibly in Aramaic, sometime late in the 1st Century CE.

Chapter 1

1 The older man, to the chosen lady and to her children whom I truly loveÉ and not just me, but all those whoÕve come to know the truth 2 through the truth that exists in us and will continue to be with us through the age. 3 For the kindness, mercy, and peace from God (the Father) and Jesus the Anointed One (the Son of the Father) [comes to] us through this truth and through love.

4 IÕm so very happy now that IÕve found that your children are still walking in the truth and following the commandments that we received from the Father. 5 So now IÕm begging this of you lady (IÕm not giving you a new commandment, just one that weÕve had since the beginning): Love each other. 6 And this is [how we prove our] love: By following His commandments!

Yes, thatÕs the commandment! It's the same thing that youÕve heard since the beginning; just keep following it. 7 Because, many have strayed [back] into the world and wonÕt admit that Jesus the Anointed One came in the flesh, and these who have strayed are the AntiChrists.

8 Watch out for yourselves! Be careful not to destroy the things weÕve worked [so hard] on, so you can receive the full reward! 9 For those who are running ahead and not remaining in the teaching of the Anointed One donÕt have God. However, those who stick with this teaching have both the Father and the Son.

10 Now, if someone comes to you and doesnÕt bring this teaching, donÕt welcome him into your homes or even greet him, 11 for those who greet him become sharers in his evil deeds.

12 Although I have many [other] things to write to you, I donÕt want to do it with paper and ink. Rather, IÕm hoping to come and speak to you face to face, so your joy can be realized.

13 The children of your chosen sister send you their greetings.

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